Hello Swankies!

Welcome to SwankVintage’s blog.

It always amazes me how many people are interested in my business. If you don’t know SwankVintage.com, I am a purveyor of fine vintage clothing. It always seems when I am at a party or in a large group of people, I tend to gather a crowd with my thoughts and stories about vintage couture. These conversations generally end up with someone saying “you really should have a blog.”

I always thought about blogging, but I resisted. Then I found this advertisement, and bing! I was inspired.


It was in a magazine from 1956. ” A superb creation for salads in the continental style”. Somehow, I can’t see Madam Schiaparelli getting that excited about Kraft Italian, but really, it makes total sense. A couturier who dressed the best “admiring” a bottle of salad dressing is absurd, but a smart business woman taking advantage of a chance to promote her fashions, and herself is quite understandable. I see this less as her way of saying, I like pre-made food, and more that she was showing the world she was into innovation and modern living. Would Elsa have blogged? I think she would have, so I figure, why not. It could be fun for me, and perhaps entertaining for some readers out there too.