Full Moon

The moon tonight is full and spectacular. I am fortunate to have a view of the San Francisco Bay out my kitchen window. I was gazing out with a cup of rose petal tea, watching the moon reflect on the rippling water, I noticed my neighbor walking to her car in a mini skirt and high boots. Just as she reached car, she tripped, and threw out her hand to the car for support. For some reason, I thought of Sarah Moon.
Sarah Moon, born Marielle Hadengue in London around 1940 is world famous from her work for Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. I imagine she chose Sarah, the biblical matriarch, wife of Abraham, mother of Isaac, and Moon for the lunar qualities that she soon began to reflect in her photography.

She started as a fashion model, but her passion was always behind the camera. She prefers to work in black and white, and sepia but often shoots in color film for commercial assignments. Her photos capture moments of intense emotion. Not unlike the one I had just witnessed, but was not equipped to capture.