Vintage Valentino Has Never Been Hotter

This week, our beloved Valentino is ending his 45 year career as a leading name in fashion with a final runway show at the Rodin museum in Paris. I am eagerly waiting to see what he has chosen to be the last pieces he gives to the world with the label that holds his name.vintage valentino mod dress the label that holds his name. I imagine there will be a bit of his trademark red, and hopefully a few fabulous goddess gowns. I also speculate that when this last collection hits the stores, they will be gone in a jiffy.

Since the big Valentino 45th anniversary party last spring, vintage Valentino pieces have been in very high demand. Not that they were ever really ignored, as his style is always pertinent and desirable.. but since the party young collectors have been clamoring to own a piece of his history. Now that he is stepping down, I am anticipating even more interest.

I am fortunate to have two spectacular vintage Valentino pieces on right now. The black goddess is a stunning item… but the mod cashmere from the 1960s is a real treasure,worthy of the upcoming museum retrospective that will open this spring in Paris.

vintage Valentino goddess gown on SwankVintage.comThe Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera quoted Valentino last week as saying “My biggest regret? Not having the time, or perhaps the desire, to shape a young person ready to inherit my place. And if I didn’t do that, it’s because I’m too focused — the idea of passing on the baton never really appealed to me”. Alessandra Facchinetti, formerly a designer at Gucci, will take over design duties at the label.

Valentino will be keeping busy with the screening of a feature length film called The Last Emperor, a documentary of Valentino and the last 2 years as a designer. The film will be followed by the aforementioned fashion retrospective in June at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs in Paris. Valentino will also be made an honorary citizen of Paris in a ceremony this Thursday.


One Response to “Vintage Valentino Has Never Been Hotter”

  1. Ja. Leighton Says:

    I have recently aquired a very attractive leather (black) purse with two large rings with leather strap for shoulder. Purse is sort of kidney shaped witth two zippers on top and zippers and pocket on each end. Have tried to locate identical (or picture of) from Valentino handlers but am unsuccessful. Are you familiar with this Valentino design? JAL

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